Jazzified acoustic rock singer-songwriter Paul Landsittel is based in the foothills of Colorado, where songs grow out in the wild, just for the pickin’, and song writing is the ruling passion.

Picture of Paul Landsittel performing live

 Song writing Muses will creatively remind me to stay grounded when my focus becomes too scattered and distracted in the never ending field of infinite possibilities. 

Visions of the Present  ©2023 Paul Landsittel Music


Field Work”  CD features a more jazzified-country folk blues musical style of 12 original songs.

Genre-bending spiritual folk music styles range from the slow country jazzy Rocky Mountain Peace of Mind to the folk-rocking bittersweet World Without Blame.

Spirit by Nature” CD is a collection of 12 original songs of an acoustic blend of guitar and mandolin to ” get your Light on”. These 21st century back porch spirit-made country folk songs are hand-crafted mountain melodies for the discerning ears hungry for spiritual nourishment, stress-busters in a world of mass distraction, engaging the Divine powers that be and celebrates Another Day Above Ground.

    • For a meditation medication sink your ears into Inbound

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